18 Dec 2015

FKB Alumni Won Best Director in Bandung Youth Short Film Competition 2015

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Mustafa, an alumnus Faculty of Communication Sciences and Business Communication Tel-U, won the award for Best Director in the event of Bandung Youth Short Film Competition, 2015. Mustafa was awarded through the film, Opor Operan.

Entitled “The Power of Youth on His work!” This is an annual event organized by the Department of Youth and Sports (Dispora) Bandung to appreciate the works of short films from Bandung. This year, the awards night held at Citarum, Monday (14/12).

Mustafa said, the film Oper Operan told about a meal are moveable. “This film is an adaptation from one of Eleven Cinema experience which was once experienced something similar in the film,” he said.

Film Oper Operan also been achieved the prize in BCA Short Movie Award as a film with a Best screenplay and Best Editing. For Team Eleven Pictures Cinema, there was no obstacle in the process of making this film, because Oper Operan was created as the result of a workshop project producer who had previously been followed.

For Mustafa, the spirit of Bandung city government to increase the value of the creativity of its people in terms of cinema should be appreciated. “It could spur people like me to make the next better film,” he said. (purel / EAD)

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