13 Apr 2015

FKB Convoke The Industrial Feedback to Support The Opening Of New Study Program

BANDUNG, TEL – U – Faculty of Business Communication Telkom University (FKB Tel-U) held a Forum Group Discussion (FGD) to collect input from industry, government, and the practitioners. The discussion conducted in parallel held for three days from Wednesday – Friday (25-27 / 3).

According to the Dean of the Faculty of Business Communication, Dr. Jafar Sembiring, recently, there are only two courses in the faculties that is Communication Sciences and Business Administration. The faculty set target to summate two courses which is Marketing Communications and Public Relations. Thus, there will be four courses in 2017.

“We do not want to open a new course without any input from the industry as it is today we invited several speakers in order to enrich our provision for opening the course,” he said.

The speakers in the FGD among others Senior Journalist of the United States Arielle S Emmett Ph.D., Chief Editor of Mind Islaminur Pempasa, Advisor to the Minister of Communication and Mass Media of Communication, Dr. Henry Subiakto, and practitioners of Markplus.Inc namely Rai Fahilah and Oky Dwiputra.

In the business world, Rai said, the role and expertise of a marketing communication industry is needed. In particular, for those who are able to analyze market offline and online. As a marketing communication clearly he must be able to perform effective promotion, understanding the marketing strategy, and marketing ethics.- Purel / Risca

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