24 Oct 2016

FKB Student Crowned as Mojang Kameumeut Garut 2016

BANDUNG, TEL-U – student of Business Administration School of Communication and Business Telkom University (Adbis FKB Tel-U) Rahmi Aulia crowned as Mojang Kameumeut in Mojang Jajaka (Moka) Garut in the Grand Final which was held at the Hall square, Garut , October 14 to 15, 2016.

In addition to choose a tourism ambassador, MOKA Garut event is aimed at selecting the ambassador who can do the task well in every official events, and following the another similar stage such as Mojang Jajaka West Java, language ambassadors, Princess of Tourism and other prestigious event.

According to Rahmi, usually at the event which is held every year, participants must participate quarantine for three days before they entered the grand final stages. But this year there is no quarantine. Instead, every Sunday for a month, held activities such as manner training and modelling skill. “And there is a presentation test in front of the chief of tourism and culture,” she said.

In addition, for one month, participants were tested mentally, physically, and how to manage the time. “Before Sunday event, there is always a sudden assignment as the task of creating essays, quotes, memorizing pupuh and many more,” said Rahmi.

Rahmi also must be prepared to face a number of questions to be asked by the jury, among other things about the local culture and tourism, as well as materials on issues that are current hits such as tax amnesty, the government program, MEA, natural disasters and so forth. “In this process there is also a statement of material such as what if I become a tourism ambassador what I would do for Indonesia, and some of the personality material,” he said.

From a hundreds of people who auditioned Moka Garut, Rahmi successfully elected into 40 pairs, and then selected again to 30 pairs up to the Grand Final of Mojang Kameumeut was elected with 30 percent of the votes and 70 percent of the public vote of the organizing committee.

Rahmi admitted that this event has to be brave and confident performing in front of people, and pride can be with intelligent people and behaviors that can motivate people to be better again. “It became an amazing experience,” he said. (Purel / aw)

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