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AUMR (Autonomous UVC Mobile Robot) is a tool used for Disinfection & Sterilization in the Isolation Room for Positive Covid-19 Patients by using UV-C light without direct human intervention.
Partners: PT. Narutindo and LIPI
Internal Use: Room Sterilization at Tel-U
External Use: BNPB, West Java Provincial Government, East Java Provincial Government, Wisma Atlet
Revenue: IDR 1.25 Billion


IGracias (Integrated Academic Information System) is an integrated system of various academic and non-academic components, making it easier for students, lecturers, and staff to support the teaching and learning system and all of them can be accessed in one place.
Partners: Telkom Education Foundation, Ministry of Education and Culture, and several universities.
Internal Use: Tel-U integrated information system
External Use: Kemdikbud, IBIK, Untad, Unjani, Telkom School, ITT SBY, ITT PWT, Akatel JKT, etc.
Revenue: IDR 10.97 B

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LoraID (Long Range Identification System) is a long-range RFID-based detection solution system. The system can detect distances up to 11 m and read 250 tags per second, it can also be implemented in local networks and cloud base.
Partners: PT. Gelora Inovasi Indonesia & PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk.
Internal Use: Tel-U Run, Asset Management
External Use: Telkom Corpu, Telkomsel, YPT, Polytron, EMC Hospital, Galunggung Marathon, etc.
Revenue: Rp 2,043 B

Smart Card

Smart Cards developed with the National Research Council (DRN), three universities and five companies will use to access academic data, payments at cafeterias or canteens, attendance of students in the class, management of lecture rooms, access to rooms, monitoring campus activities, as well as the use of storage places (lockers) and mail (mailbox).
Partners: ITB, UI, UNHAS, PT. INTI, PT. Xirka, PT. DAM, PT IBS, PT. Versatile.
Internal Use: Implementation in the Tel-U integrated information system (iGracias)
External Use: UI, ITB, Unhas, UNRI, Riau Science Techno Park
Revenue: Rp 200 M

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Mobile Cognitive Radio Base Station or MCRBS is an innovation developed for disaster network recovery funded by LPDP RISPRO under the PATRIOT-Net Project. MCRBS provides digital learning solutions in the blank spot area. MCRBS is based on mobile BTS consisting of 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G.
Partners: Central TIP, GSMA, Ministry of Education and Culture, Telkomsel & other Operators.
Internal Use: Supports the PJJ Program
External Use: Pemprov Padang, (Telkomcel), Kemdikbud
Revenue: IDR 5,8 Billion


The Air Quality Monitoring System or AQMS is an air condition detector to create an eco-village and eco-campus by reducing the amount of carbon and creating a sustainable environment. There are three functions of this product, namely monitoring air quality, controlling and reducing gas emissions, and adapting and mitigating climate change. The product is equipped with sensors to measure wind speed, wind direction, pressure, light intensity, ions, train humidity, and ph meter.
Partners: Kanazawa University and Kemdikbud
Internal Use: Tel-U Campus Environment
External Use: Akatel Jakarta, LAPAN, BATAN
Revenue: IDR 1 Billion