14 Jun 2016

Four FIK Students Brought Many Awards of Disperindag Jabar

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Four students from Visual Communication Design School of Creative Industry Telkom University (DKV FIK Tel-U) managed to buy up some awards in the Festival of Diversity Food Made From Local West Java, which is organized by Department of Industry and Commerce of West Java Province (Disperindag Jabar ) on last May.

They are 4 students of DKV who successfully bought the title in the category of poster contest which is Ari Riadi won the 1st Champion, Denisha Octavia won the 2nd Champion, Dea Rizki Ramadhani won the Runner Up 1 and Meyta A Deanty won the Runner Up 2.

This event cannot be separated from West Java preparations as the host of National Sports Week (PON) XIX which will be held in September 2016. Through the Department of Industry and Commerce, the provincial government tried to strengthen the fashion – based creative industries to enhance the devotion of using domestic products.

Themed “The Outstanding Products of West Java Become King of Legend Land”, the event is divided into a poster contest with tea and coffee theme, a photography competition with fashion batik theme, the competition of processing West Java local raw materials made from meat and milk, and various contests. This event is open for public either province of West Java or outside West Java. The competition started since May 7, 2016 and the results are announced on May 28, 2016.

“I join the Coffee and Tea Poster Competition which tells the naturalness of the original West Java coffee products worldwide, providing fresh coffee tree illustration” said Ari, Saturday (11/6). The winning poster, said Ari, then exhibited at the Festival of Diversity Food Made from Local West Java, held on 28-29 May 2016 in Cihampelas Walk.

Although it does not have any special preparation of this contest, Ari said, he was happy and felt surprised that he successfully won the competition. “I feel very grateful,” he said. (Purel / aw)

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