13 May 2015

Gala Abhinaya Remind Youth on Local Music

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Band SME held Gala Abhinaya namely music and cultural performances and culinary festival. The event took place in the parking lot Tel-U Convention Hall, Sunday (26/04). Blended the folk music with modern, this event carries the tag line ‘Bring Culture with Rhythm’.
Gala Abhinaya perform a mix of local music into modern music like jazz, rock, and pop. It’s done to revive folk music that has begun to be forgotten by the younger generation today. Music arranged with different genres will generate new masterpiece on the music of Indonesia.
The event titled Music, Culture and Culinary is enlivened by Alexa, Saung Angklung Udjo, and Barrylikumahuwa.
According to the Chairman of the Committee, Arvelianto Muhammad, the event aims to raise again the folk music that has begun to be forgotten by the younger generation as the nation successor. “We as young people want to show that traditional music is still exist, and continue to develop, especially if it collaborated with modern music create a unique and nice things to be heard”, he said.
He added that young children Indonesia must continue to love their own culture, although increasingly many cultures that come in from outside. “We have to balance it with the existing culture in our country,” he said. (Purel / Sarah)

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