20 May 2015

GTAR 2015, Strengthening Indonesia Competitiveness in the Globalization Era 3.0

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Nowadays, wide world’s people deals with reality that the world changes so fast. According to the Director of Human Capital Management Telkomsel, Priyantono Rudito , there are three global issues that affect the world’s changes specifically economic acceleration, demographic changes and the speed of technological change.

“The escalation of developing countries acceleration actuate on the emergence of a middle class in developing countries which is increasingly turns into influential group. Similarly, rapid changes in technology affect other advances that have sprung up another new technology innovation,” said Rudito.
Priyantono explanation was stated at the international conference of Global Trends in Academic Research (GTAR 2015), held in Trans Luxury Hotel Bandung, Monday (20/4). This conference is a concatenation of 2nd Anniversary Telkom University which held in cooperation between Faculty of Communication and Business Telkom University with Global Illuminator.

Priyantono added, Indonesia is facing the era of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) 2015. AEC allow free flow of goods, services, investment, capital and skilled labor from other countries. In order not to fall behind, the skills of Indonesian human resources should be improved.

Telkom University Rector, Prof. Dr Mochammad Ashari, M. Eng., PhD, also act as the Keynote Speaker said strengthening the skilled human resources of global standards can be done through education. However, according to the Rector, not all Indonesian can easily access education. “In remote areas, distance and difficulty of transportation become barrier to access the education itself,” he said.

Rector added, online education system could be one quick way to eliminate the barriers of distance and transportation difficulties. On the other hand, to make it happen, it must be supported by the infrastructure supporting broadband internet, facilities and regulatory support. “In addition to infrastructure, the program should also be supported with technology awareness and the latest teaching materials,” he said.

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