13 Jun 2014

Hundreds of Orphans Also Got Joyful

SMILE emerged from the mouth of four boys. Aria Angora (9), Yusa A (10), Fauzia (9) and Sandra (6) as they scrambly raised their hand when asked what gifts that they want.
“I want a pair of futsal shoes,” said Aria.
“I want a tablet!” Said Yusa.
The cute littlte Sanda blushed and said. “I just want masak-masakan…”
“I want chicken!” Shouted Fauzia.
“Chicken?  Do you mean like fried chicken?” then Fauzia nodded.
Fauzia friends cheered. “Aah… really? just fried chicken?…”
The cheerful atmosphere of the thanksgiving event coloring the Grand Launching of Telkom Foundation in Telkom University Convention Hall building on Tuesday (20/5). Telkom Foundation is a “reincarnation” of Telkom Education Foundation (YPT) and Telkom Sandhykara Son Foundation (YSPT).
As a sign of gratitude and thanks to The Creator, the Telkom Foundation invited 340 orphans from 34 orphans foundations in Bandung to share the happiness. These four orphans were come from the Sabilusalam Cibangkong Foundation in Cibangkong Road, Bandung.
The event went solemnly, opened with the recitation of the Quran Surah Ar-Rahman by all participants, then continued with tausiah Islamiah. After that, the event continued with the distribution of compensation to the all of the 34 foundations. Not to forget they are photographed together with the leaders of the Telkom Foundation.
With a new logo and tagline “Building The Civilization”, Telkom Foundation is expected to make a new breakthrough in the field of education and become more advanced and developed in order to follow the development of the world. “We want to target the Telkom Foundation as an institution with international standards, therefore there should be no errors in its management,” said The Chairman of Telkom Foundation, Johni Girsang M.Sc.
Later, The event closed with a stunning performance of one of the orphans foundation representatives with percussion tools. The members of the percussion which is actually still in elementary school to beat the very spirit of their percussion tools and greeted with boisterous applause by the audience. (Purel / azzah / raf)

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