25 Feb 2020

INCREASE: Doing Business Through the Development of Information Technology

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Along with the development of increasingly advanced times, human life can not be separated from the name of technology. With the presence of a smartphone connected to the internet makes it easy for humans to interact and carry out daily activities.

From this Telkom University through the Industrial Engineering Student Association (HMTI) of the Faculty of Industrial Engineering Telkom University (FRI Tel-U) held an Industrial Creative Season (INCREASE) Internal Event of Talkshow (INTERVAL) 2020 with the theme “Digitalization Effect for Millennial Entrepreneurs” which took place at the Horizon Hotel Bandung, 21-23 February 2020.

The purpose of this seminar is to provide insight to the community, especially the younger generation so that they can utilize technology and information development wisely.

At the seminar and talk show this time, the speakers who were present were Telkomsel Managing Director Setyanto Hantoro and Special Staff of the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism Priyantono Rudito, Ph.D.

According to Priyatono there are 5 ways of thinking to use technology wisely, where the mindset that is safeguarded must also be developed, the 5 little ways to develop a digital mindset are first to be linear, then Progressive Thinking, Co Creation Thinking, Exponential Thinking coupled with Digital Leadership Collaboration .

“To face the current digital era, technology is not the main thing, but mindset, where the mindset that has been developed, we will be ready to face the digital era that is increasingly advanced.” He explained.

In line with this Tel-U Industrial Engineering Alumni (91) Setyanto Hantoro said that Telkomsel as the largest Cellular Telecommunications company in Indonesia today cannot be separated from the name of technological development, in addition to the increasingly advanced technology in it, the technology utilized must also be useful for around.

“We (Telkomsel) continue to innovate to be able to keep abreast of current times, with changes and developments in information technology that is increasingly advanced, we also have to keep thinking about how the technology created is able to provide benefits for the people of Indonesia and the world.” He explained.


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