30 Nov 2015

Indonesia Need Innovative and Visionary Young Generation

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Creator of the electric car, Ricky Elson, optimistic that our young man can compete in the era of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). Conditionally, Indonesia youth must be focused and willing to innovate while carrying local value to the global level.

“Today we did lose a parent figure who could figure as the founders of this country. But you do not worry as long as I want to innovate confident Indonesia could rise up and compete with other countries, “said Ricky.

It is delivered Ricky when filling talk show entitled “Revitalization of the Youth in the face of MEA”. The event was held at the Hall of the Faculty of Applied Sciences (FIT) as part of the commemoration of Youth Pledge held by BEM faculty.

In addition to Ricky, appearing also speakers such as former Minister of Youth and Sport Roy, creator Ricky Elson electric cars, and former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Marzuki Alie.

According to Ricky, a lot of local values ??are capable of being brought to the international level. This value can be a value other than selling, it will also add to the hallmark of the products made in the country to be recognized easily by kompetitior abroad. “Enter Bobotoh or Cihampelas the games that you have made the application so that they know what it Bobotoh and Cihampelas,” he added.

In line with Ricky, the former Youth and Sports Minister Roy invites students Tel-U very young to build a strong and innovative character. “Like it or not we will go past the MEA due to face him, Indonesia needs people who are innovative and character,” he said. (purel / raf)

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