25 Feb 2016

Indonesian Economists Association Tel-U Chapter Officially Established

BANDUNG, TEL-U – The coming of MEA 2016 required academicians and practitioners to have high qualifications in order to compete. One of the requirements is certification. To encourage this, Faculty of Economics and Business Telkom University (FEB Tel-U) established the Indonesian Economists Association (ISEI) and Vice Dean of FEB, Lia Yuldinawati, ST, MM elected as Chairman of the Commissariat.

Inaugural ISEI TEL-U Commissariat held in the Hall of Kawalusu Building (FKB) 5th floor by the Chairman of the ISEI West Java Coordinator, Aldrin Herwany, SE, MM, Ph D, witnessed by Vice Rector of 3 AMA Suyanto, Ir, MBA, DBA and Dean of FEB Tel-U Ir Dodie Tricahyono MM, PhD.

“Every Commissariat will be actively conduct activities related to the field of science. We will lead FEB to ICT-based called the digital economy, “said Lia.

According to her, member of ISEI Tel-U approximate 36 persons, including Lia as Chairman of the Commissariat, Dudi Pratomo, SET, MAK (Vice Chairman), Sri Rahayu (Secretary), and Puspota Wulansari, SP, MM (Treasurer).

Through the MoA between FEB Tel-U and Department of Social Welfare Sukamiskin, then after ISEI Tel-U established, Telkom University will held some activities related to MEA by utilizing the digital economy. “So it is actually emphasizing on how to train their skills in utilizing internet as a business tool,” said Lia. (Purel / Nisa)

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