01 Feb 2017

Indra Utoyo: The Age of Humanitarian Technology

BANDUNG – Potential leaders who had shared the ideas, among them Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of IBM Indonesia Gunawan Sutanto, Director of Trans TV, Indonesia Pixel CEO Nancy Margried, and The Norwegian Ambassador for the Republic of Indonesia, Stig Traavik.

This time, the Director of Digital and Strategic Portfolio Telkom Indonesia Indra Utoyo was invited to share his fresh ideas related to Silicon Valley mindset and discuss straightforward on building a digital ecosystem for network and business. The productive generation need an interesting topic especially young professionals, researchers, innovators and academics in Telkom University.

The 10th Leader’s Talk episode was held to coincide with the launch of the 4th Anniversary of Telkom University and The Celebration of AIPT Accreditation on Wednesday (01.02.17) at the Auditorium of Tokong Nanas, Telkom University.

Utoyo clearly explain about the new era of Indonesian startup condition. He called it a conceptual era in which many creator, digital innovators and entrepreneurs was born to enlivened Indonesian market. Unfortunately, they have lack of creativity, and its effect to the rate of productivity which is shows a sluggish progress.

“Startup mushroomed, many young people contributed to the birth of a new startup. But there is no an original creative treat, so this drab to society, “he said in front of the participants were more researchers and academics Telkom University.

Utoyo provides an overview related growth startup which is synergize with competitors. According to him, the creativity must adjust to technological progress and is controlled by a touch of moral and high human values.

“We have a lot of experts on practical technology, but we need to incorporate what is called 3HT ie high think (high creativity), high tech (digital and exponential), and high touch (empathy, aesthetic, purpose). All three must be synergistic “he explained further.

During his observation, Utoyo conclude that someone with creativity and brilliant concept was considered able to compete even able to create its own industry. “The industrial and information age requires a lot of human resources so that an industry can work, whereas in the era of conceptual one individual to perform one even several industries at once” he said.

“The digital entrepreneurs it is a bridge to create jobs. They are expected to bring new ideas to create new markets or revitalize existing ones to spark the economic growth “.

Abdullah Adnan

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