20 Feb 2020

Introducing ‘Ketringan.com’, Telkom University Team Becomes Champion in BRIxGoogle Cloud Hackathon

One of StartupHub.id fostered startups, Telkom University again won an achievement in the competition titled BRIxGoogle Hackathon with the theme Building Indonesia’s Digital Economy Together with MSMEs which took place on 10-11 February. This event was held simultaneously in three major cities in Indonesia, namely Bandung, Jakarta and Surabaya.

This competition itself is a place for startup activists to develop Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and SMEs. As the title suggests, this event is a collaboration between BRI bank and Google Indonesia. The students are required to be able to solve economic problems in Indonesia using business and technology.

The team led by Rizsa El Akbar (Founder & CEO of KETRINGAN.COM) is making a startup called KETRINGAN, a marketplace that connects restaurants / warteg / home-based food production to consumers. KETRINGAN standardizes the products to be sold, so that there is no fraud and quality is maintained at the time of sale, for the standard price is also in accordance with the products offered.

Innovation from KETRINGAN also the presence of chatbots. So consumers can directly order food directly and be served by chatbots, whether catering for daily, weekly or monthly. The team also admitted, KETRINGAN is already running at Telkom University, expansion will be carried out to other universities such as UNISBA in the near future. Also in April, KETRINGAN was chosen as one of the startups who will compete in the StartupIstanbul event.

KETRINGAN was created from the collaboration of active students from four Faculties at Telkom University, namely the Faculty of Applied Sciences, the Faculty of Communication & Business, the Faculty of Informatics and the Faculty of Creative Industries. KETRINGAN itself is one of the startups under the guidance of StartupHub.id, a research community and student startup created by the collaboration of mentors from the Faculty of Applied Sciences and the Faculty of Communication and Business.

In this competition they were given 36 hours to complete the product made. Compete with more than 20 teams is certainly not easy, but the dedication and confidence of the team succeeded in delivering a champion.

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