30 Nov 2015

“JOMBLO Indonesia” Won Third Position at Gemastik 8 in Yogyakarta

JOGJAKARTA, TEL-U – Tim hashtag Telkom University (Tel-U) won 3rd place in the category of Application Development Exhibition Games in the National Student Information and Communication Technology (Gemastik) 8 Year 2015. For 1st Place won by ice cream team, Games from Jakarta State Polytechnic and 2nd won by Riversi Team Sepuluh November Institute of Technology Surabaya.

Competition carried Youth Creativity and Innovation towards Self-Reliance Indonesia was held in the Auditorium of Graha Sabha Pramana Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta on Monday-Wednesday, on 26 to 28 October 2015.

A team consist of Miftahul Bagus Pranoto, Ranita Windriani, and Yunita Kumaeroh become a champion because of the application named Jombie. The three students are from Prodi D3 Informatics Faculty of Applied Sciences (FIT).

According to Bagus, Jombie an acronym for Singles Indonesia. Jombie is an Android-based game which introduced based traditions, customs, and culture of marriage in Indonesia. This game consists of several mini-games as the challenge. “Who can finish, can take pictures using Augmented Reality features of the wedding dress according to the region,” he said.

Game Jombie actually is one of the many works of the end of D3 Informatics FIT students Prodi that must to be included in the Competition Gemastik 8 Year 2015. This work is basically not prepared to follow the work of the competition. But the hard work of Tim hashtag won 3rd place in the category Application Development Games.

Bagus said that they did not expect to reach the top three in that category. “Suggestions for friends, looking for ideas do not have far important unique and interesting,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Grand Champion of Gemastik 8 2015 achieved by Institut Teknologi Bandung, which grabbed 3 gold and 3 bronze. Then followed by Gadjah Mada University with 2 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze, University of Indonesia with 1 gold and 3 silver, Bogor Agricultural University with one gold and one silver, as well as the Polytechnic Caltex Riau and Jakarta State Polytechnic, both of them won 1 gold.

Gadjah Mada University Director of Student Affairs, Dr. Drs. Senawi, the MP said, Gemastik 8 2015 followed by 4,087 teams of 166 universities throughout Indonesia. After doing the selection phase, final round consisted of 101 teams from 27 university campuses. “This condition is better than Gemastik 7 last year just passed 21 team,” said Senawi. (purel / EAD)

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