08 Mar 2017

Telkom University Student’s Creation will be exhibited at Milan Design Week, Italy

Bandung, Telkom University – Again, Telkom University student won the international level achievements in the field of interior design. This leads Telkom University getting closer to world-class universities. The achievement was achieved by a student from School of Creative Industries (Interior Design) Sahrul Hidayat who made “Bisa Stool”. This creation will be on display at Milan Design Week 2017.

According to Sahrul, this creation has been exhibited at the Furniture Expo 2015. “Previously, this work had already been on display at the Indonesia International Furniture Expo 2015, there has been a lot of appreciation. This crration I made to fulfill the Furniture Design courses 1 on semester 3, so it’s been quite a long time “he said when interviewed in Open Library Telkom University (03/08/17).
“Bisa Stool” began to receive special attention from the international media after Sahrul uploaded on the instagram. His work has been reposted by two accounts with username @ student.design and @letsdesigndaily. Account @ student.design is a furniture firm which often exhibiting the works of interior design students around the world, including Sahrul’s work for the trophy in Milan Italy.

“After I saw the nomination, I feel surprised because my work become one of the works that will be on display in Milan. More shocking, when I find out that I’m the only Indonesian representative, even in Asia “Sahrul explained.

This creation was made with philosophy, this stool illustrates that every individual to achieve something or change need to go through lengthy processes piecemeal. Both sides are different, box and segita symbolizes the meaning of the change process.

“The concept is that everyone needs to go through various processes to achieve a goal. I want this achievement be the motivation for other students, especially in the field of design that are not inferior and ashamed to show his work in public. Also take advantage of social media for positive things “he concluded.

Adnan Abdullah

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