18 Apr 2016

Knowledge Sharing between Library Team UI and Tel-U

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Communication between university library on development of e-resources and services must be maintained and improved. This is very important in order to encourage the growth of scientific quality and service of university libraries in Indonesia. This was revealed in a visit of 25 Library administrators from University of Indonesia (UI) to Telkom University (Tel-U), Thursday (14/4). UI delegation welcomed by Director of Admissions Telkom University Rinna Fridiana, Head of Library Nurul Fitria, as well as the assistant manager and the staff Telkom University Library.

As one of the oldest and largest university in Indonesia, UI has a huge library with more than 700,000 physical collections, as well as thousands of visits and circulation transactions per day. Nevertheless, the Head of UI Library Fuad Gani felt compelled to bring his team visited other libraries, including Tel-U. Fuad believed that every library, however small, has its peculiarities that need to be adapted by UI Library.

In Tel-U, for example, Fuad was impressed with approval system by supervisor in the activities of students’ final assignment independent upload. In addition, he also mentioned the processing of students’ final journal into an e-Proceedings published as an idea that is enviable by UI. “E-Proceedings can make the works indexed scholar. This nice, we should have, “he said.

While on this meeting, Tel-U also received a lot of things about service innovations in UI Library. One of them is copyright policy of students’ scientific work, by giving a decision form about openness scientific work own by the students.

UI Library also now have “ATM Knowledge” service, where members of the library can get free e-resources based on library choice results. Related to this, “We are also develope a dashboard system for data purposes, as well as controlling,” said Nurul.

Both Tel-U and UI have the same spirit that is sharing of the knowledge. That is why, university libraries must be cooperate in realizing these ideals. (Purel / lib / raf)

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