30 Nov 2015

Kofi Tel-U Show Off 49 Photographs

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Coinciding with the atmosphere of the Youth Pledge Day, Ikom Photography Club (Communication Studies) or known as Kofi organized the exhibition titled iShot on 26 to 29 October, 2015 in the ground floor of Intata Building FKB.

Entitled “Yang Muda Yang Berkarya”, the purpose of this event is to encourage more students to work with passion. “In this case, Kofi wanted to show the youth soul through photography,” said Chief Executive iShot, Adhitya Nur Arief.

A total of 49 photos that have been through the curation process are displayed in the exhibition. Adhit explained, all photographs on display taken with Human Interest genre. Since it opened on Monday (26/10), this exhibition attracted the students’ attention.

Adhit hope this exhibition can be an inspiration and motivation for Kofi members and Tel-U students. “Hopefully, Kofi can keep the good work in the future and known by more people,” he said. (purel / EAD / Kofi)

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