20 May 2015

Lecturers Should Have a Strong Desire to Write

BANDUNG, TEL-U – For some lecturer, the flurry sometimes be a barrier to write a book. The heavy workload also often become a reason of losing time to write a book. However, is it really hard to overcome?

Author and academics from the Institute of Technology Sepuluh November (ITS) Surabaya, Ir Syamsul Arifin, MT contend, actually there is no excuse for lecturers to not write a book. Moreover writing is the duty of every lecturer to complete academic requirements in order to achieve functional position (JFA).
“Overcome the busyness, slowly take time to write a book and is not too difficult,” said Syamsul at Textbook Writing Workshop in Multimedia Room Bangkit Building Telkom University, Monday (11/5). This workshop organized by Learning Development Division (BPP) and it was attended by lecturers of Telkom University from seven faculties.

According to him, the crisis of confidence also sometimes be a drag. The feeling of not being able to write a book or feel weak in terms of writing is increasingly becoming a reason to avoid this activity. “Therefore, it is important for us to multiply the reference to add insight,” said Syamsul. Armed with insight, confidence is growing while writing the book.

Actually, said Syamsul, there are many benefits of writing a book. In addition to earn royalties, write book become a way of expression. Writing a book can also be a medium to show self-existence and expertise personal branding. “Write with any reason and strategy, as long as we are convinced that our writing is useful for other people.”

Meanwhile, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Dr. Heroe Wijanto said, until now only about 137 courses in Tel-U which has own textbook. This amount even not reach 10 percent of the approximately 1,400 subjects in 27 courses. “Hopefully after this workshop, the lecturers can increase the number of own textbook,” he said.
BPP manager, Dr. MAJIDAH said the number of applicants for this textbook writing workshops increased compared to last year. Therefore, it should add to the chair and placed outside the Multimedia Room. (Purel / risca / raf)

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