14 Sep 2020

Literacy Event Enhances Indonesian Culture

BANDUNG, Telkom University – September 8 is a day declared by UNESCO as “International Literacy Day”. This important day for the literacy movement is celebrated in various ways in different parts of the world. Literacy is closely related to the ability to read, write, and count so that literacy has a crucial role in people’s lives who are involved in daily social interactions.
In addition to celebrating world literacy day, right on September 14, 2020, this time is also a Library Visit day that has been held since 1995. Referring to these two big days, the Telkom University Open Library organized the 7th Telkom University Literacy Event 2020.
An event that has been regularly held by the Telkom University Library for the past 7 years, this year the Telkom University Literacy Event carries the theme “Empowering Society Through Literacy” which will be held from September 14 to 18 2020.
Rector of Telkom University, Prof. Adiwijaya said that, based on the theme raised, Telkom University wants to continue to provide education to the entire community through a series of existing activities.
“From the entire series of activities this time, there will be a lot of understanding given, starting from increasing the spirit of literacy in children, increasing creativity, to making scientific works. This activity is a form of our commitment as a university, to support the development of literacy in Indonesia, and want to cultivate literacy activities in society. “He explained.

At the opening of the 2020 Literacy Event, also attended as the speaker of the Mother of West Java Literacy, Atalia Praratya Kamil. She explained that literacy activities are not only supported by informative and educational sources but also must be creative.
“How can we invite someone to want to read for a long time and understand if that person is not happy with it. Therefore, one of the sources that can support someone interested in literacy is recreational information.” He explained.
Atalia further explained, in the progress of information such as today, there are many hoax news circulating that can cause a lot of unrest in the community.
“As the current condition, there is a lot of hoax news circulating us, especially news about Covid-19. Therefore, we have to get used to how to read and understand something half-heartedly, and we have to make sure the existing sources are so that we avoid hoax news. Avoiding hoax news is a benefit that can be obtained from literacy, besides that we are also not easily provoked, and can increase our ability to understand information as well as increase insight about that information. “He said.
The future generation of Indonesian people must be literate, Atalia emphasized that parents of children now must be able to give examples of reading habits at home and not play devices too often, because children will imitate their parents’ habits in the future, if parents like reading books, writing and so on, the children will get used to it and will be carried away until they grow up.
“Because reading habits are not genetic, but our children are accustomed to seeing their parents read, if our parents like reading, our children will see these habits and will imitate.” He said.
Many things must be prepared to create outstanding human resources for the future of Indonesia. One of which is to cultivate literacy as mentioned by Atalia. She explained that the benefits of reading can strengthen the memory and provide learning for imagination and language, besides reading for 6 minutes can relieve stress 68% (based on research from the University of Sussex), and can keep the brain active so that in the future it can ward off Alzheimer’s disease.
“Let’s make our generation of children who are intelligent with literacy, and make them future leaders by reading a lot,” today a reader tomorrow a leader “,” he explained.
Besides Atalia Praratya, also present Dedi Junaedi (Main Expert Librarian of the National Library of the Republic of Indonesia), Utami B.R. Hariyadi, (Chairman II of the Indonesian Librarian Association), Tulus Wulan Juni, (Librarian with National Achievement at Makasar City Library Service), and Kusairi, (Librarian with National Achievement of Pamekasan Library and Archives Service).

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