31 Oct 2013

Telkom University Students Develop Sonar Gloves for Visual Impairment People

BANDUNG TEL-U- Basically every human being wants to be born perfect. However, not all humans are born physically perfect. Based on Cicendo hospital data in Bandung, there are 3, 5 million people with visual impairment. That number reached a proportion of 1%  from the total of Indonesia population. The number of people with Visual impairment in all over the world will grow rapidly (World Health Organization).

  Facilitating people’s daily activity, specifically people with visual impairment is a great thing to be concerned by Information and Communication Technology practitioners. Telecommunication Engineering students, Ricky Novanda, Iqbal Pramadita and Yudhi Triarwono, develop a sonar gloves for visual impairment people.

  “We want to keep good partnership with Yayasan Wiyata Guna in developing some visual aid tools for people with visual impairment, specifically for sonar gloves” stated by Ricky.

  He also stated that sonar glove is not expensive, the price is reachable. The glove utilizes ultrasonic sensor to detect things around the users such as wall, door, as well as damaged road that sent through vibration. The vibration will be felt in hand surface.

  “Microcontroller block becomes the brain of sonar glove. It instructs the ultrasonic sensor to transmit ultrasonic waves.  Then, processing the feedback from ultrasonic continuously” as added by Iqbal.

  In detail, the data will be used to manage the intensity of vibrator. There will be mini vibrator when the ultrasonic sensor detects a hindrance. The nearer the object, the stronger the vibration it has. The ultrasonic sensor and motor vibrator get power supply from microcontroller minimum system. The microcontroller itself gets the power supply from lithium-ion battery which also gives power supply to Clap Switch block.

  The gloves get a very positive response from people with visual impairment in Yayasan Wiyata Guna. “Creating a new beneficial electronic device, simple in design but effective in using is very important” stated Yudhi. KOMPRO TEL-U.

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