13 Sep 2017

Martha Tri Lestari: Interaction With Audience is the Key to Success in Public Speaking

Bandung, Telkom University – A series of events from Literacy Day, on Tuesday, (12/9) a seminar with the theme of Presentation Skill and Public Speaking in a degree to facilitate students, lecturers, and community to be able to have the speaking skills which often haunt the students when speaking in front of the crowd.

Speakers at the seminar held at the Open Library Telkom University is the Chairman of the Digital Studies Program Public Telkom University, he is Martha Tri Lestari.

Interesting material presentation by Martha make the atmosphere of the seminar attended by lecturers and students from various majors so interactive, according to her interaction with audience need is one of success of public speaking greeting.

“From the beginning, I invited my friends here in dialogue, I intentionally did to show that interaction with the audience can increase the good attention”.

Some other key to public speaking success according to Martha is the confidence, eye contact with the audience, understanding the material, and practice continuously. Habit of talking in front of the audience can reduce the level of nervousness.

At this seminar, the audience is invited directly to do spontaneous public speaking with a random topic. Audience is required to be able to bring any topic and berorasi on the topic.

“Hopefully sharing knowledge today is beneficial for colleagues here and making colleagues more confident for public speaking.” she lid.

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