25 Apr 2016

Media Requested to Detain Negative Criticism!

BANDUNG, TEL-U – The Ministry of Communications and Information requested Indonesian press to work together in terms of build the nation. One action can be done by mass media is not to expose the bad news or program which lead to adverse impacts. On this way, media can contribute and build the character of the nation.

This was conveyed by General Director of Information and Public Communication, Ministry of Communications and Information Rosarita Niken Widiastuti in Editor’s Meeting discussion which held at the Four Points Hotel Bandung, Thursday (21/4).

Similar comments expressed by sociologist, Prof. Paul Wirutomo. According to him, the media criticism is important but do not spread negative energy to the community. “I agree with President Jokowi who wants to do a mental revolution and it was at least included three factors such as the values ??of integrity, work ethic, and mutual cooperation,” said Professor of the University of Indonesia.

In response to this, the blogger activist in social media, Wicaksono said that criticism by media including social media on government performance should not be seen as bad things that can cause negative impacts. “I have not agreed with the government that says the press is exaggerated,” he said.

The man who has a social media name “Ndoro Kakung” mentioned that social media has enormous power, including as a way to control the government performance “Precisely when media was just report a positive thing, the government can be complacent and not responsive to the deficiencies,” he said.

In addition to these three speakers, was also attended by Kasdam III / Siliwangi Brigadier General Wuryanto, representatives of mass media and universities in Bandung. Also came from Telkom University such as representatives of Aksara Tel-U and the Ministry of Communications BEM Tel-U. (Purel / raf)

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