15 Jun 2017

Meet and Great with Kopertis IV

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Increase Hospitality in Ramadhan, Telkom University has a relationship with Private Higher Education Coordinator (KOPERTIS) IV West Java.

In the event of a gathering and discussion of a religious fasting event that took place at Trans Luxury Hotel, Bandung, Wednesday (14/6), this event was filled with discussions about the development of institutions that must be done Telkom University.

The event was attended by leaders of Telkom University and all the ranks of Kopertis IV namely Prof. Uman Suherman AS, M.Pd (coordinator of Kopertis IV), Dr. Subahi Idris, MM (Executive Secretary), Drs. Wahyudin Tahedi, M. Si (head of institutional and institutional field), Aminatun, S. Sos, M. Si (Head of Institutional and Cooperation Section), and Dra. Hj. Deece Udansyah, M.Si. (Head of Department of Labor, Academic and Student Affairs).

Rector of Telkom University Professor Mochamad Ashari expressed gratitude for Telkom University has been given the mandate to become foster college.

“Thank you and gratitude for giving our trust to be a college foster, all the needs we have prepared” said Rector.

Prof. Uman said that Telkom University is currently the only private university in West Java that has accredited A, therefore help other universities to improve the quality of institutions in West Java.

“We Kopertis IV requested that Telkom University can help universities under Telkom University have at least B accreditation, thank goodness to get A, and can have a great teacher” he said.

Prof. Uman advised Telkom University to continue to be developed and not careless, especially continue to add professors “currently each course must have minimum 1 professor” he said.

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