29 Jul 2016

Meticulous Persistent Capital Market Transactions, Brady Rikumahu Achieved Doctoral Degree

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Lecturer of Management Business Technology and Informatics (MBTI) FEB TEL-U, Brady Rikumahu achieved a Doctorate degree of Management Sciences Specificity of Finance at the University of Indonesia, Tuesday (19/7). Brady achieved his doctorate with a dissertation titled “Transaction Persistent: Identification, Comparison of Behavior Broker Foreign and Domestic, Intensity Measurements, as well as the Impact of Price”.

Session doctorate was led by Prof. Kresnohadi Ariyoto with members Dony Abdul Chalid, Ph.D., Ruslan Prijadi, Ph.D., Zaafri Anarto Husada, Ph.D., and Dr Sugeng Purwanto. In this session doctorate, Brady passed with satisfactory score.

In this study, Brady identified persistent transaction and saw the trend of transaction conducted on the capital markets. As well as the impact of the transaction on prices. “So if people buy something, the price tends to rise. But the selling price tends to fall. I also find that impact,” said Brady.

The presence of this study, Brady hoped his research can be input to the investors. “So, if investors willing to invest for example, we can see the tendency in the market. The results of my research can assist,” said Brady. (purel/ead)

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