19 Jun 2020

MSME Branding Strategy in the New Normal Era

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Webinar Lecturer Talk Series from The Design Master Program of the School of Creative Industries Telkom University (FIK Tel-U) is back. In this webinar series, Dr. Ira Wirasari, a lecturer from the master design program will talk about Branding Strategies for SMEs in Facing the New Normal Era.

The event took place via the zoom application, Friday (6/19), and attended by approximately 236 participants. In his presentation, Dr. Ira explained that the pandemic situation is very influential in the world economy. Therefore in this new normal era, there needs to be new strategies that must be applied by MSMEs.

“We know that MSMEs are the backbone of this nation, at least there are 60 million MSMEs in Indonesia. To keep growing MSMEs need new strategies.” He said.

Ira explained that three strategies must be carried out by MSMEs in marketing products in the new normal era, including digital strategy, soft selling, and non-digital strategy.

“There are three digital strategies that include ensuring the content meets the consumer’s needs. Then the second is a database that is evaluating our products. In this pandemic, consumers will be more careful in choosing a product. Therefore pay attention and evaluate its portfolio. The last is advertising, how to convey the big idea message to consumers. “She said.

To do soft selling, Ira added the thing that needed to be considered was how to build attractive brands and create interesting content from brands.

“Then the third strategy that we have to do is to carry out a non-digital, non-digital strategy that is meant in this era. We must be able to expand our marketing area because if the products we market now are in the red zone of Covid-19, it will be difficult to market. Therefore we must expand our sales territory; here we need collaboration with parties such as expedition services. ” She explained.

Through this webinar, Ira hopes to be able to help MSMEs in increasing its sales to be able to boost the nation’s economy.

“Hopefully this sharing can help MSMEs in building their brand image to consumers so that it can boost the country’s economy.” She said.

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