MyBidan: The Winner of Information System Student Start-Up Innovillage 2020

MyBidan 1

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Telkom University collaborated with PT Telkom Indonesia to organize the Innovillage Program, which is a sociopreneurial competition in the field of digital technology which is participated by students to be directly involved in helping the community through digital innovation. Through this program, participants are challenged to provide solutions for rural communities through applicable digital innovations to create increased social benefits and economic improvements.

This competition was won by the Al-Jazari Team consisting of Muhammad Ilham Alhari (SI 2018), Widia Febriyani (SI 2017), and Wader Trisepa Jonson (SI 2018) as well as Advisory Lecturer Asti Amalia Nur Fajrillah, BMM., M.Sc with an innovative application platform. MyBidan.

“We received information about Innovillage 2020, of course, we are interested in participating, especially since this competition can build our village to realize smart villages and digital villages. The problem that we raise is the problem of stunting,” said Ilham.

Stunting is a condition of chronic malnutrition that occurs during the earliest period of growth and development of toddlers. Stunting is a condition when the child is shorter than other children his age, or in other words, the child’s height is below the standard. Stunting is caused by several factors, namely limited information on knowledge of pregnant women, lack of care about nutritional problems, Midwives are still recording manually and it is very possible for human error, socialization that has been held by the village at this time has not had a big impact and pandemic conditions Covid-19 which has stopped the meeting or class program for pregnant women.

With the background of these problems, the Al-Jazari Team is a student of the Information Systems S1 Study Program at Telkom University, innovated through the MyBidan application platform. MyBidan is a web-based application that functions to provide information and educate as well as monitor the health of toddlers and pregnant women. By utilizing this platform, he hopes to anticipate stunting from an early age.

“This application platform provides information for alleviating stunting and monitoring the health of mothers, pregnant women, toddlers, and adolescents. This application also focuses on providing information and education to teenagers and expectant mothers. This application also makes it easier for midwives and stakeholders to recap data because the data is centralized and easy to access anytime and anywhere. The idea for this program is then developed in social project proposals and videos,” said Widia.

MyBidan has several features, namely:

Mother’s Examination. This feature is useful for digitally recording the mother’s medical record and making it easier to monitor the mother’s health.

Toddler Checkup. This feature is useful for digitally recording toddler medical records and makes it easier to monitor toddler health.

Pregnancy History. Record the number of pregnancies and the history of the mother’s pregnancy and provide information related to clinics that use the Bandung Tanginas application.

Fostering Class contains videos and also material that can be used as a source of knowledge by mothers.

Articles and News contains health news and articles that are valid and up to date so that mothers can access reliable news.

The MyBidan platform has been implemented in Kedawung Village, Sragen District, and in Bandung through the Bandung TANGINAS (Stunting Response with Safe and Healthy Food) program. The plan is that the MyBidan platform will continue to be developed again.

“The implementation of the solution from this project was carried out in Kedawung Village, Sragen District, which lasted for 4 weeks and the Bandung TANGINAS program. Relevant stakeholders have received us well,” said Asti Amalia as the Advisory Lecturer.

In addition to being the ‘Best of the Best in the Health Sector category in the Innovillage program, the Al-Jazari team also received the Young Innovator Award of appreciation at the 56th Anniversary of Telkom Indonesia. Asti Amalia revealed that the various limitations and constraints did not dampen the enthusiasm of the students to realize the benefits for others and also carry out the mandate given by the campus and also Telkom Indonesia.

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