23 Sep 2020

National Webinar # 1 ‘Vocational Breaks the Boundaries of the Industrial Universe

ZOOM, 22 September 2020 – Telkom University organized a National Webinar entitled “Vocational Breaking the Boundaries of the Industrial Sky” on Tuesday (22/09) through Zoom, and attended by various participants including students, lecturers, staff, teachers, business owners, students, and alumni. This event was attended by prof. Dr. Adiwijaya as the Rector of Telkom University, and Ida Fauziyah, the Minister of Manpower who represented by Ses Ditjen Bina Lattas Kemnaker Surya Lukita Warman, M.Sc.

In his remarks, Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya as the Rector of Telkom University said that nowadays, there is a gap between the industrial world and universities especially vocational.

“Through this event, I expected that the relationship between industry and higher education is not only curriculum development but also the implementation of apprenticeship activities in industry and much more research and innovation development, “he said.

Entitled the “Vocational Penetrating the Limit of the Industrial Universe”, Secretary of the Directorate General of Lattas of the Ministry of Manpower Surya Lukita Warman, M.Sc. explains the important role of vocational education and competency certification in current and future development.

Nowadays, Indonesia is facing the substance of the Industrial Revolution 4.0. This revolution is marked by the use of technology that leads to automation and the exchange of data quickly in all aspects, the digitization process with the use of automation technology and big data bring the world to move from an old economy to a new economy. Some types of businesses and types of work that do not develop become irrelevant and even disappear, Telkom University’s D3 Digital Marketing study program will have a significant influence in the era of industrial revolution 4.0.

This event was attended by several speakers including Miftakul Azis, Deputy Chairman of BNSP, Diana Santosa President Director – Owner of PT. Batik Danar Hadi, Lilis Mulyawati President Director of PT. Duta Inti Daya Tbk. Watson Asia, Chairul Fadhly Harahap, SE, MM Chairman of BPPP, Hendra Hartono Deputy Chairman of Kadin Middle East Committee, Sri Enggaerwati President Director of PT. Delta Indonesia Group, Sampurno Wibowo Certification Coordinator – Head of TUK for D3 Marketing Management Study Program.

Telkom University as the best private campus in Indonesia is reflected in the Academic Civitas that continue to improve themselves, both students, teaching staff, and alumni. To improve the competence of Academia, to prepare the Substance of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 through the D3 Digital Marketing Study Program, and to promote the Vocational Program to the industrial world.

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