26 Aug 2015

New Students Started to Participate in OMB 2015

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Welcoming New Student Orientation activities (OMB) in 2015, all new students attended Tel-U OMB briefing held by Student Affairs Tel-U. OMB briefing activities in 2015 took place on Saturday morning (8/8) at Telkom University Convention Hall (Tuch).

Tel-U freshmen are already classified into certain group based on previously briefing decision. The briefing which was divided into two sessions, there are one for group 1-3 at 07.00 am, and the group 4-6 entered the session at 09.00 pm.

These activities are carried out with the purpose of providing information on the activities and equipment that need to be prepared by the participants for New Student Orientation (OMB) 2015.

Each task and equipment of OMB 2015 provided by Student Affairs Tel-U has a requirement and meaning. As with any task such as name tag template made with a shape that resembles Tel-U Word Class University Logo, so the sense of belonging of Tel-U can be formed in the minds of participants through OMB 2015.

Vice Rector 1 Tel-U, Dr. Heroe Wijanto, Ir., MT attended the briefing and provide a warm welcome to new students in 2015 Tel-U, as well as the Student Affairs Manager Tel-U, Drs. Lili Leksono. “I hope you keep the spirit in carrying out a series of activities this OMB,” said the Vice Chancellor. (purel / radit)

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