22 Feb 2017

Open Library, Telkom University’s Commitment to Establish Knowledge Center with Information Technolo

Bandung, Telkom University – In order to improve the quality of learning facilities, Telkom University inaugurated the library called Open Library on Wednesday (02.22.2017) at the Manterawu, Telkom University. Open Library is complemented by a digital catalog facility, mini theaters, 14 discussion rooms, wifi access, cafe library, multimedia room, lounge access digital collection, six reading area, and a prayer room. To facilitate the operation, Open Library is supported by an integrated information system that can process and manage a wide range of knowledge collections and other Open Library services.

The inauguration was attended by librarians who are members of FPPTI (Indonesia University Libraries Forum ), National Library of Indonesia, Drs. Muh Sharif Bando, MM and Deputy National Library Resources, Dra. Woro Titi Haryanti, MA was greeted warmly by the Rector of Telkom University, Prof. Ir. Mochamad Ashari.

“We are happy to introduce Telkom university library, called Open Library in the new design, the feel and the new services. For a college, library is the center of community activity “Ashari said.

According to him, the academic community need to have a conducive facilities to carry out learning activities, and therefore the Open Library Telkom University has a parameter to be able to achieve conduciveness learning environment.

“Libraries for a college is a center of learning, there are three parameters, such as place, content, and services. These three parameters that need to be met, so the universities as institutions dealing with human resources issues can be achieved.” Ashari explained.

Agree with the Rector, Syarif Bando expected that Telkom University Open Library this could be an open learning center for Telkom University communities.

“We are very pleased and proud to join here. Of course the presence of a library in Telkom University Open Library will mark a civilization that would be an enormous contribution not only Telkom University community but to the whole society “he said.

Ashari sure, Tri Dharma University could be implemented through the Open Library and push Telkom University to continue advancing the nation scoring the golden generation in the year of 2045.

“This is Telkom University’s commitment to provide facilities to students, lecturer, staff, to carry out the Tri Dharma University also for the general public. This is an aim to educate our nation. “Lid Ashari.

Adnan Abdullah

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