Pancasila Ideology Development Agency Learns ICT for Governance System Management

kunjungan BPIP ke Tel U

The Pancasila Ideology Development Agency (BPIP) of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) visited Telkom University on Wednesday (12/1). This visit aims to strengthen collaboration between the two institutions in managing the Electronic-Based Government System (SPBE) at BPIP. Tel-U is expected to assist in developing IT infrastructure at the institution.

It was stated by the Head of the Center for Data and Information Technology, Dr. Drs. Yakob KM, M.Si. He said that technology implementation needs to be done to support the penetration of Pancasila ideology throughout the archipelago to be faster.

“We are here to learn how information technology can be used in managing our existing government system. We believe Tel-U can help us guide its implementation and run a system well in the future. That is the big goal.” said Jacob.

He also said that apart from strengthening its digital base in terms of infrastructure, BPIP also needed to improve HR competencies in the IT sector. Therefore, assistance and knowledge transfer from the Tel-U team when building the system and managing it when it is running are needed.

Tel-U Rector Prof. Dr. Adiwijaya said that he fully supports what is planned by BPIP. According to him, digitalization in various sectors is urgently needed to support decision-making based on available data.

“In Tel-U, everything we make is based on ICT, so currently Tel-U has a system called Satu Data. It is not just collecting data, but we need it to help us make decisions. We think the same thing needs to be built at BPIP.” said the chancellor.

It is hoped that the two parties’ collaboration will be able to provide benefits not only for the two institutions but also contribute more broadly to the nation.

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