05 Nov 2015

Performance Based Marketing is the Main Issue of SCBTII 2015

JAKARTA, TEL-U- Nowadays, The business world has been able to reap the benefit from rapid internet development. Internet becomes a golden opportunity for entrepreneurs. Especially for startup, funding is not a big worry anymore. Any process of promotion and media transactions proceed through online. Thus, it doesn’t cost a lot.

Not only that, digital marketing enabled organizations to measure the performance of company’s transaction. Therefore, Performance Based Marketing became main issues raised in the Seminar & Conference on Business & Technology in the ICT Industry 2015 (SCBTII 2015) – Managing Business for Smart Economy. The seminar organized by Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) Telkom University (Tel-U) collaborated with Adscom and Tech Asia. The seminar took place over two days on 5 and 6 October, 2015 at Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel, Jakarta and North Campus Telkom University, Bandung. Digital marketing, startup, and the ICT industry are completely reviewed at this seminar.

“Performance-based marketing became one of main issues in the development of a company’s business,” said Chairman of Committee SCBTII 2015, Dr. Dadan Rahadian, ST., MM, Tuesday (6/10). He added, the company needed to create innovations that could be developed. The company also needed to choose the useful application which could support its performance based marketing-.

“When the start-up established, it is important to convince the client. It must be measurable for e-commerce investment whether valuable or not, “said Dada. Clearly, it would be hard to measure the expenditure ratio by investigating the marketing efforts if the marketing character was not digital. They tend to see how much of the funds and how much additional increase in amount of purchase. Whereas with a digital marketing company which is easier to measure marketing channels that can contribute to sales and which are not.

“Just as when using the website, the company where customers can obtain information that fits with their products. Then it can be seen the behavior of customers. Is the customer just wants to know about the products being sold, or until just interested in buying their products. Digital marketing can measure up to the level of the customer, “said Dada.

The seminar was followed by the general public, startup and students. The event this time become a means of exchanging ideas to share knowledge and experience, as well as explore further about the ICT industry. Then on the same, the researchers were able to follow the conference for sharing the results of research to develop knowledge in the field of ICT business management. SCBTII 2015 brings some aspects related to entrepreneurship, the ICT industry and ICT-based business innovation phenomenon. Dadan hope, all three can work together to form a mutually beneficial collaboration, and can provide benefits in people’s lives. – (Purel / Risca)

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