13 Jun 2014

Preparing OMB Committee Physically and Mentally, Telkom University Cooperate with National Army

BANDUNG, TEL-U – BTPlex area of Telkom University on Sunday (08/06) was not look as usual. For there were approximately 50 Members of National Army surrounded Telkom University campus area.
Apparently they were the members of Battalion 3 Zipur Siliwangi Military Command III who was giving the Marching Regulation Training, Leadership and the State Defense to Tel-U student enrolled as a New Student Orientation Committee (OMB) in 2014.
Tel-U Students who become the OMB 2014 committee is derived from the seven faculties at the Tel-U. They became OMB Committee after went through the registration process conducted by the Student Affairs Telkom University. According to information obtained from the Student Affairs Tel-U, the number of students who enroll were approximately 400 people.
According to the Vice-Rector for Research and Student Affairs Dr. Arwiyah M. Yahya, SH, MH, that this event aims to provide both physical and mental readiness to Tel-U student who became OMB 2014 Committee to be the disciplined individuals. “The essential purpose of this activity is that they will be educated to be cadre of disciplinarian. In Marching Line Regulation there are the philosophies which can build the student’s character, “said Yahya.
The event will take place during the next three days beginning with the Opening Ceremony. Present as the Ceremony Inspector was Lt. Col. Inspector. CZI. Cahyadi Amperawan, Battalion Commander Zipur 3 Siliwangi Military Command III. Cahyadi in his address expressed his gratitude to Telkom University who has given credence to the 3rd Battalion Zipur in training T-U Students who become the OMB committee.
He also mentioned that it is the duty of the National Army to help citizens participate in activities involving the Marching Line Regulation and the State Defense. “We are grateful to Telkom University who have believed in Zipur Battalion 3 to provide training Marching Line Regulation and the State Defense for Telkom University students. It is a military duty besides maintaining the sovereignty of the Republic and also falls within the community to spread the spirit of discipline and defend the country, “said Cahyadi. (Purel / DH)

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