23 May 2016

President Jokowi: Never Surrender, Young Entrepreneur!

BANDUNG, TEL-U – President Joko Widodo encourage young entrepreneurs to persevere in running the business and do not give up easily. “Do not think too much at first, but do it, break the wall!  If there were problems in the middle, solve it. Otherwise if there is no willingness to resolve it, failed is the consequence, but raise up after that! “he said.

Statement by the President delivered at the opening ceremony of the Jamboree Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association (HIPMI) which took place at Telkom University Convention Hall (TUCH), on Monday (23/5). This occasion also attended by a number of ministers, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan, Director of Human Capital Management PT Telkom, Herdy R Harman, the Telkom Foundation Top Management, and Telkom University Top Management.

The president said he could feel the spirit of a young businessman because he had also been there. “The spirit is so tremendous but sometimes brake failure,” he said and successfully bring cheers and laughter of the audience.

Because of the enthusiasm, Jokowi said, he broke failure for three times. But it did not make he felt surrender, even on the contrary he could revive his business. “The broken failure is three times, but could get up, raise up again,” he said.

Jokowi reminded that a business could not be fortunate if the entrepreneurs depend on enthusiasm only. An entrepreneur need to understand that today the world is changing rapidly in a seconds, hours, or days. “The Advances in technology make the world now seemed unlimited. Stores and malls lead to be an old fashioned way as soon as possible. E-commerce, online store come as a new era, “he said.

In addition to massively change in technology, the president said, the supply of raw materials, products and services also spread globally and cannot be limited anymore. Especially with social media, everything becomes open and all of it is presented very quickly. “In a situation of rapid change like this, we have only two choices, become an open person or the close one,” he said.

The President admitted to choose bold open and confident. Jokowi believes that young Indonesian entrepreneurs are not a quitter, but ready to be the winner. “Young Indonesian entrepreneur is not only home champion, but I believe that the continued injection will lead them into is a formidable fighters who is ready to become a winner and not a loser,” he said. (Purel / raf / wd)

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