29 Apr 2019

MM Telkom University Present A Seminar to Prepare Digital DNA 2019

JAKARTA, Telkom University –Telkom University through the Master of Management study program at the Faculty of Economics and Business (MM-FEB Study Program) held a seminar to answer the rapid challenges in the era of digital disruption. This event was held at 27th floor BTPN Tower Jakarta on April 24, 2019.

Entitled on How Digital Talent Facing Industry 4.0, Digital DNA Seminar 2019 was enlivened by some great speakers included Director of Digital Airport PT Angkasa Pura II Jose Rizal; Director of Technology and Information at Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) Indra Utoyo; Deputy Head of Human Capital BTPN Pratomo Soeryandono; and Ayopop’s Chief Growth Officer, Ahmad Alkatiri as well as an alumni of Telkom University’s Telecommunications and Informatics Business Management Study Program.

The four speakers discussed how to Face Digital Talent 4.0 from industry players’ point of view in their respective companies. They also share an up to date guidance to enhance the digital talent capabilities for short and long term period. BRI Director Indra Utoyo said that digital transformation is not about technology but how can digital talent’s skill influences the consumer happiness and making the business move faster and efficient plus strategies for organizational transformation.

“We, as industrial agents, need digital talent. Compared with outsourcing, the local source able to grasp the company’s business entirely, so that the company can grow faster to answer today’s challenge, “Indra added that digital mindsets must be owned by all employees and departed from answering painful consumers.

“Answering these challenges, 7 capabilities are needed as follows: (1) strong problem-solving skills; (2) bold confidence and toughness as hell; (3) good with numbers – data; (4) agile, launch first improve later; (5) understand, it’s all hands on deck system, (6) be passionate; and (7) excel master, “he said.

The Dean of FEB Telkom University Dodie Tricahyono, Ph.D. explained that in facing the challenges of industry 4.0 and at the same time the company’s Higher Education 4.0 should focus on long-term sustainability so that it has far better revenue and profit than only focus on the short term.

“Talent development is one of the company’s long-term vital investment decisions. MM Study Program has found solutions for companies through curriculum designed which is expected to deal with the challenges of the digital disruption era, so as to prepare digital business leaders. “He explained.

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