21 Jun 2015

Prof Paul Bijleveld: Psychological Aspects is The Key Success of Innovation System

BANDUNG, TEL-U – To build a business culture and innovation, built a technology insight was not enough. Psychology can be one important factor. “The aspects of psychology build motivation to be an innovator and entrepreneur. This is the key to success in building innovation system, “said professor of Saxion University Prof. Paul Bijleveld, Monday (8/6).

Paul’s statement delivered in a public lecture held in the Multimedia Room, Rise Building Telkom University. The public lecture was attended by a number of professors and students of Telkom University.

Paul pointed out, the famous Silicon Valley often makes admiration. Key to the success of Silicon Valley, said Paul, among others, of visionary leadership supported by the right business strategy, up to relentless innovation that was built by the creative human resources.

According to Paul, the psychology of awareness on instinct to become part of the development in order to survive. Instinctively they will maximize current innovations and thinking to create innovation in the future. He takes into account long-term benefits rather than short term. “The system of innovation will depend on the people who are actively connecting and bridging the social distance,” he said.

Paula added that universities teach the younger generation who still have to get psychological support from the campus. As they begin isStart-up Company, the psychological aspect will encourage them to be more innovative to develop technologies that benefit society. “They also will be able to survive to develop the business,” said Paul. (Purel / Risca)

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