26 Dec 2014

Psychology Education of Trans-Border Employees in Indonesia’s Various Tribes to Advance Global Human Resources

“The 1st International Conference of Integrated Intellectual Community (ICONIC 2014)”

Jafar Alim Habibi

Telkom Engineering Schools, Telkom University, Jalan Telekomunikasi 1, Bandung
E-mail : jafarhabib77@gmail.com


Psychology is basic of human resources development to know on people behavior. Unification between psychology and human resources management produce an application to develop inner person in a firm. This application makes research foundation to provide psychology education on trans-border employees in Indonesia firms. This is important to selecting trans-border employees in order quality enhancement of Indonesia firms and human resources in global industries. Indonesia firms nowadays developing to enrich global network firms by recruiting trans-border employees from various countries placed in various region of Indonesia. However lack of surveillance in psychology section made Indonesia firms deport trans-border employees due to incompability of Indonesian characters people. Data from License of Employ Labor Market (IMTA) published by Minister of Labor and Transmigration showed reduction trans-border employees that worked in Indonesia about 5%, one of reason is disappoiment about Indonesian characters people [1]. Besides, Indonesian firms have been prepared yet to abuse own culture-characteristics as great step to evade liberalism flow. This study forward psychology tuition which is right and true to applicant of trans-border employees that proposes in Indonesia firms. Using historical descriptive-exploratory research, object of this research describe psychology education offer reciprocation of culture-characteristic between Indonesian human resources and trans-border employees. The result shows that recruit trans-border employees by offering psychology education from each Indonesian tribes is effective way to support innovation of Indonesian firms and expand network-bond between Indonesian firms and trans-border employees countries. Expected by psychology education, Indonesia becomes a great instance of global countries to cultivating and advancing human resources global. It is huge opportunity to show competitiveness of Indonesian human resources and advance global human resources.

Keywords : Psychology Education, Indonesia’s Various Tribes.

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