18 Feb 2019

Hundreds of Students Attended Seminar on Creativepreneur

Bandung, Telkom University – One of the goals of Telkom University (Tel-U) is to create graduates who will be involved in the world of entrepreneurship. In line with this goal, Telkom University Student Affairs Directorate held a seminar on becoming a Creative Entrepreneur in the digital era.

The activity that took place at Sebatik building auditorium of Telkom University’s Creative Industry (FIK) on Friday (2/15) aimed to prepare Telkom University students to be ready to face the changes in digital industry in the future, said the Director of Student Affairs of Telkom University Andijoko when opening the event.

“You students should not be afraid of the industry changes that are happening, because in this event you are prepared to face the changes in industrial era, and we from the world of education are consistent to form the character of students who are ready for change.” He said

The seminar presented speakers from academics and practitioners engaged in creativepreneur field, namely Dr. Maria Sugiat (lecturer at FIK Telkom University) who presented the material about “Getting to Know Self Potential to be Creative and Exist in the Digital Era” and Azizah Assatari (CEO of Lentera Nusantara) with the material “Penetrating the Global Market for Game Industry”.

In front of hundreds of students both from Telkom University and outside Telkom University, Dr. Maria explained that the generation that will face the industry in the future must have the courage to be trained continuously to be able to compete and continue to think creatively.

“You have to be brave in making decisions, because with courage you will be able to improve what is inside you and what you are doing.” She said.

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