02 Jun 2016

Rector: Make Ramadhan as an Evaluation Point

BANDUNG TEL-U – Rector of Telkom University (Tel-U), Prof. Ir Mochamad Ashari, MEng, invited the entire academic community to make the holy month of Ramadan as the moment to evaluate ourselves about all achievements that have been achieved last year.

“Hopefully we can make Ramadan as an evaluation point of the progress we have achieved either already targeted personally and institutionally,” said Rector.

This invitation was delivered on the occasion called Munggahan (tradition for welcoming Ramadhan, red) which was held in the Hall of the School of Applied Sciences (FIT), Tuesday (31/5). Tel-U academicians, the TOP Management of Tel-U, lecturers, and staff from faculties and units attended the Munggahan event.

Rector also deliver his appreciation to Tel-U academic who has worked hard to give the best contribution in the past year. “One year from last Ramadan to Ramadan this year our institution growing well,” he said.

The event theme “Through the Holy Month of Ramadhan We Improve the Spirit and Productivity of Work” was also enlivened by religious lectures from Ustad Dr. KH. Komaruddin Saleh, M.Pd. Ustad reminded all Tel-U academicians to fill Ramadan according to the teachings of Prophet Muhammad.

“There are seven things that the Prophet exemplified obligatory prayers in congregation, simple in breaking the fast, reading the Quran, tarawih, sodaqoh, multiply the prayers and performed I’tiqaf on the last days of fasting,” he said. (Purel / raf)

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