13 May 2016

Rest in Peace: Tel-U Lecturer, Mursita!

BANDUNG, TEL-U РDanang Mursita, lecturer of Telkom University (Tel-U) had passed away on Thursday night (12/5)  around 10.00 pm. Danang who also served as VP of Strategic Policy Telkom Higher Education Foundation (YPT) last his breath after playing badminton and trying to return home.

Odesi, the second son of Danang said his father enjoy sports, especially badminton. After practice, Danang intended to return to his home. However, after Danang got into his car, a security guard in GOR suspicious because the car stand still at the park area. Once the door was opened, the officer found he already died.

Hundreds of friends, relatives, and family, coming from inside or outside the city of Bandung seemed to arrive one after another to the funeral home at Jalan Raya Laswi Cipicung No 27 RT 01 RW 02, Baleendah Bandung regency, on Friday (13/5) morning. The bodies could be buried in a nearby mosque to give an opportunity to the mourners prayed and gave their last respects.

Danang Mursita was born in Klaten on April 22, 1964. Completing S1 Mathematics Education on 1982-1987 at IKIP Jogyakarta and continue his master at Department of Mathematics, Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) on 1991-1994.

After that, since July 1, 1995 Danang became a lecturer at Telkom Institute of Technology which has now joined the Telkom University (Tel-U). Subject fosterage included Linear Algebra, Calculus (I and II) and Complex Variables. This very humble man is currently studying S3 at the Indonesia University of Education (UPI)

A number of books have been written by Danang, especially in the field of Mathematics. Books that have been produced include Basic Mathematics for Higher Education (2006), Advanced Mathematics for Higher Education, (2005) Linear Algebra (2010), and Mathematics for Higher Education (2011).

The entire academic community a great family Tel-U sent a very deep condolences. Hopefully the Danang Mursita got the most precious place in the Creator. (Purel / raf)

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