10 Apr 2019

Ridwan Kamil: Millennials and Gen Z Are Nation’s Successors

BANDUNG, Telkom University – Nowadays, in accordance with the theory of generations, Indonesia and even the world must be able to prepare the next generation of Y generation (Millennial) and Z generation.

These two generations required to think creatively and be able to produce innovations that lead to the world’s changing. This was revealed by West Java Governor M. Ridwan Kamil, while giving a public lecture at Damar Auditorium Building, Telkom University, Tuesday (3/26).

“The world is increasingly competitive, keep honing your skills, sharpen your creativity and explore your skill, because the mediocre only lead people to statistic, so we must expand,” said Emil, familiarly name for the Governor.

In addition to hone the youngster’s skills, Emil added that the millennial generation and Z generation must be able to filter out the negative things that are widely circulating in the digital world.”

There will always be a” digital dark side “that flows profusely in the digital world that is so great as it is today, therefore we must be smart in processing information that goes through the digital world, so that the division will be avoided.”

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