08 Sep 2016

RIP: Director of Higher Education Telkom Education Foundation

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Telkom University (Tel-U) grieve. Director of Higher Education Telkom Education Foundation and also lecturer in Tel-U, Dr Yudi Pramudiana Ir, MM, MT, died on Wednesday (7/9) at around 19:20 pm at Borromoeus Hospital, because of sick.

Hundreds of Tel-U academicians waved the last goodbye by holding prayer together in the Hall of School of Economics and Business (FEB) Tel-U Lt.5 Thursday (8/9) morning. The prayer was led by the Vice-Rector Dr M Yahya Arwiyah 4 SH, MH, and attended by top management, lecturers and students of Tel-U. After that, they mourn at the funeral home at Megaraya 1 No. 20 Bandung. The body was buried in the General Cemetery (TPU) Sirnaraga Bandung after finished the Islamic process.

During his lifetime the deceased was known as a hard worker-friendly and intelligent. “His figure is always smiling and avidly greet people he knew, it a great part of his life,” said Vice Rector 4.

Sometimes, during the discussion with colleagues or students, he expressed ideas or thoughts directly without the burden of “It’s a form of his honesty thought which conveyed straightly,” said Dean of FEB, Dodie Tricahyono, MM, PhD.

The career of the deceased began to work as a research assistant on urban design research institute ITB (1986), and helped ITB Development Technology Center (1987). After it became Associate Consultant at Louis Berger International Consultant (1988), then moved to the company’s Planning and Development Collaborative (PADCO) International (1989-1990).

Since 1990, the deceased became professionals and Associate Professor at the Institute of Management Telkom (IM Telkom). Here, he has served as Director of the Graduate School of IM Telkom (2000-2004). After that the man was born October 22, 1963 had a role as Managing Partner of Grant Torch Consultant (2004-2005), Director of Management Support (2008), Director of Quality Assurance & System Information (2009-2010), Head of Strategic Management Expertise (2011-2013) and Vice-Rector of IM Telkom (2010-2013).

In social activities, the deceased was Chairman of Foundation of TK and SD Islam Al Azhar 30 Bandung, which is affiliated with the Islamic Education Foundation (YPI) Al Azhar Jakarta. In addition, as a member of the Indonesian Association of Planners, Dr Yudi also published Business Opportunities Wimax book in Indonesia (2007) and the book Highlight Anatomy and Dynamics of Cement Industry in Indonesia, the Business Plan: How to Starting and Running a New Business, and much of his work in the field of business.
Goodbye, Dr Yudi. Knowledge which you have given to us will be timeless. May Allah give you the best places on His side. Aamiin. (Purel / aw)

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