05 Aug 2021

Rising the Theme of “Digital Innovation” ICoICT 2021 Creates Post-Pandemic Solution

Telkom University’s School of Informatics collaborates with Multimedia University Malaysia (MMU) and Gadjah Mada University (UGM) organized the 9th International Conference on Information and Communication Technology (ICoICT) in 2021. This event lasts for three days starting from August 3-5 which is organized online via Zoom Meeting and broadcast live on the TelkomUniversity YouTube channel.

The impact of Covid-19 is felt in various aspects to form a new habit (New Normal). This encourages collaboration between global citizens, governments, companies, and non-profit organizations to address global issues today and in the future.

Based on this background, the 9th ICoICT has the theme “Digital Innovation for Post-Pandemic Recovery”. Organizing ICOICT aims to provide a medium for innovators to present ideas & solutions related to the use of digitalization in welcoming a new order of life.

The Dean of the School of Informatics Telkom University, Dr. Z. K Abdurahman Baizal hopes that this event can become a forum for exchanging ideas, solutions, collaboration in dealing with and solving global problems that are currently happening.

“I would like to thank all the speakers who were able to attend to share knowledge at this event. Thanks also to MMU and UGM, I hope this collaboration can be sustainable. This is the second time ICoICT has been held online, hopefully, the pandemic will end soon so we can all meet face to face. Through this activity, we hope that we can exchange knowledge, ideas, research collaborations, and innovations to solve global (pandemic) problems,” said Baizal.

This activity lasts for three days, 3-5 August. The speakers present here will present material that is original and has never been published before. Although the theme is Digital Innovations for Post-Pandemic Recovery, it is not limited to that. Speakers also delivered material related to Healthcare, Bioinformatics, and Biomedical applications; Data Science for Pandemic Modeling and Analysis; Computer Vision; E-Learning and HCI during the Pandemic; Networking, IoT, and Security; and Applications for post-pandemic.

On the first day, three keynote speakers presented the material, namely: Prof. Hayradi S. Gunawi from the University of Chicago presented the material entitled, “Why Does the Cloud Stop Computing? Lessons from Thousands of Bug Reports, Service Outages, and Anecdotal Evidence”, later Dr. David Taniar from Monash University, discussed “Contact Tracing during Covid-19 Pandemic: An Australian Experience”, and finally the Chief Digital Healthcare Officer at Bio Farma Indonesia, Soleh Ayubi, Ph.D. delivered “Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution: an example of Accelerating Healthcare Transformation”.

On the second day, three keynote speakers were no less interesting, starting with Dr. Ir. Hammam Riza M.Sc, IPU, Head of Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) who conveyed about Digital Innovations for Post-Pandemic Recovery. Then the discussion about “Machine Learning and Digital Technologies in the Context of Epidemiology and Clinical Trials” by Prof. Dr. Kazem Rahimi from the University of Oxford. The next presentation is from Dr. Mohamad Hardyman Barawi from Universiti Malaysia Sarawak who explained “Modelling Sentiment and Contrastive Opinion of Covid-19 Pandemic on Social Media: Linking Computer Science and Social Science”.

There will also be a knowledge transfer session that will be delivered by HUAWEI CLOUD – CTO of APAC Region, Mr. Wu Shiwei who focuses on “Workforce Enablement in the New Normal of Post-Pandemic, Powered By Cloud Technology”.

On the last day, there were two main speakers, namely Prof. Hadi Susanto from the University of Essex who discussed “Covid-19 modeling in Indonesia: A Mathematician’s Apology” and Reza Khorshidi, D.Phil from the University of Oxford with the material “Model. fit() to Market. fit(): A path towards turning ML research into ML products with real-world fit”.

A total of 122 scientific papers were presented at ICOICT 2021, divided into 25 parallel sessions. At the end of the event, the “Best Paper Award” for the speakers of papers by ICoICT 2021 TPC Chair Dr. Ade Romadhony. This is expected to be an appreciation for the speakers of scientific papers who have participated in ICoICT 2021 and a motivation for those who are interested in participating in the upcoming ICoICT 2022.

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