18 Feb 2021

RISPRO Grantees LPDP Tel-U, Reaching 17.9 Billion

Telkom University held an online webinar discussing the 2021 LPDP Productive Innovative Research Socialization on Wednesday (10/2). This socialization will discuss how to focus and allocate funding for LPDP’s Innovative Productive Research (RISPRO) in 2021 with the Director of LPDP Research & Rehabilitation Facilitation, Wisnu S. Soenarso, Ir., M. Eng.

“Currently, until January 2021, the total managed funds in the LPDP have reached Rp. 70 trillion. We hope that every year it will increase, this fund comes from the state budget, investment income which continues to be compounded every year, and other legitimate sources. So that the managed funds will grow periodically”

For information, the LPDP managed funds will be used for Achievement Scholarships, Operations, and Research, which are more deeply discussed in this webinar. The composition of RISPRO funding is divided into two types, there is Competition (Commercial & Implementation) and Initiative (Invitation, International Collaboration, and Mandatory). The maximum amount of funds allocated for each category starts from 500 million to 2 billion annually.

Telkom University itself, based on Grantees RISPRO data issued by the LPDP, achieved funding of 17.9 billion with 12 research titles and 1 research award. Divided into three big teams, namely RISPRO Mandatori (Consortium for COVID Research), RISPRO Competition, and RISPRO Invitation (Making Indonesia 4.0) while the award was won by Umar Al Ikmal, with the title Ideathon Award and incentives of 52.9 million.

“Regarding LPDP research, it is certainly not easy, both in terms of a fairly rigorous selection process, then there are also quite a lot of things prepared and rest assured that it is not only the funding that we get but how we carry out the mandate in research in the form of inventions and innovations. Leading to innovation needs to be maintained. Don’t let the research end, without producing anything. “ Said the Rector of Tel-U, Prof. Adiwijaya.

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