04 Jun 2014

School of Communications and Business) of Telkom University Getting More Interest

BANDUNG, TEL – U – The number of prospective students who are interested in entering into the School of Communications and Business. And School of Economics and Business in Telkom University is growing. The increase in the number of applicants this year reached nearly doubled.
” Until today, the number of students who entered already reached nearly doubled when the new admissions period has not closed , ” said Dean of School of Economics and Business Ir . Dodie Tricahyono M.M. , Ph.D.
It is also justified by the Dean of School of Communications and Business Dr . Jafar Sembiring M.Ed.M. “In the School of Communication and Business, the number rises into 150 percent,” he said on the sidelines of the launching of the Faculty of Economics and Business and the Faculty of Communication & Business , Thursday ( 22/5 ) at Telkom University campus .
The existence of this booming interest , according to Jafar , demanding readiness at the faculty level, which is, the quantity and quality of faculty , staff , and facilities of the college . “We continue to increase the number of faculty that the ratio between lecturers and students can be balanced,” He said. Currently the number of students in two faculties that as many as 4,400 people by the number of lecturer 166 people .
FKB (or School of Communication and Business) is a new faculty that came form the expansion of its previous faculty which is FEB (or School of Economics and Business) . Before merge into Telkom University, this faculty already has a long history. The forerunner was formed in 1990-1995 by the name of MBA Bandung. By 1997 MBA Bandung Transformed into Sekolah Tinggi Manajemen Bandung ( STMB ) , then in 2006 transformed into STMB Telkom , and the name was changed again to Institut Manajemen Telkom (IMT) in 2008.
Rector of Telkom University Prof. Ir. Mochamad Ashari,M.Eng., Ph.D, welcomed the expansion of the faculty . ” With this expansion, I hope that the faculty is getting frisky. So these changes will provide better benefits, ” he said.
Although the number of applicants is increasing , says Rector , FEB and FKB is expected to continue to improve the quality of education in order to comply with the University ‘s vision to be the World Class University in 2017 .
” There are some things that must be considered to achieve WCU , among others, improving education system , international research , and human resources . We have to push all this quality to be improved,” he said . ( Kompro / Raf )

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