29 Sep 2015

SEARCH delegation Carried Home Two Trophies of the National Debate Competition

BANDUNG, TEL-U – SEARCH delegation team which became representatives of Telkom University (Tel-U) fortunately carried home two trophies of PERBANAS Marketing Debate Competition (PMDC) was organized by the PERBANAS Institute on 8-9 September. At this competition Telkom University sent 2 teams.

Team 1 consisted of Surya Dinda Putri (Communication Science 2013), Budi Setiawan (Communication Science 2013) and Vanindyatama Istighfardani (Business Administration 2013) which won the Second Champion. The second team consisted of Novi Yolanda (MBTI 2012), Made Harmika (Communication Science 2012) and Ricky Aditya (Business Administration 2012) won fourth position.

“We are aggressively doing exercises and invited seniors who had won the debate competition to acquire the knowledge from their debate experience and learn how to anticipate your opponent to win the game,” said Budi.

Meanwhile Vanidyatama also added that she and her team feel doubt when see the opposing team with their alma mater. “The problem doubt feeling when see the opposing team with their alma mater,” she said.

But they managed to turn the insecurity to be achievement. “We believe we can win the competition with exercise, prayer, and our efforts,” said Vanidyatama. (search / raf)

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