29 Apr 2015

“Selfie 4 Social” Bring Tel-U Team to The 3rd Place in National Management Brainstorming Competition 2015

BANDUNG, TEL-U – Once more, Telkom University Students present another achievement. At this time, Tangkuban team consist of Novia Yolanda Nadapdap (MBTI 2012), Almira Shabrina (Ikom 2013), and Made Kevin Bratawisnu (MBTI 2014), succeeded to win 3rd place in National Management Brainstorming (NMBC) Competition 2015 organized by Bakrie University, Wednesday-Thursday (26-27 / 3).

National Management Brainstorming Competition (NMBC) is a concatenation of Brainstorming Management 2015 which is an annual event organized by the Management Student Association, Bakrie University with a main theme “Youth Perspective to enhance Indonesia’s Tourist Destination”.

In this competition, Tangkuban Team decided the topic entitled “selfie 4 Social”. According to Yolanda, selfie trend is currently favored by people of Indonesia, especially for teenagers. “With the number of people who do selfie, it can plague and marketed to the public on Indonesian tourism products,” he said.

With the existence of this phenomenon, Tangkuban Team lifting program on how to rely on the selfie phenomenon in social media and websites to support tourism in Indonesia, particularly in the field of publication. According to Shabrina, the program is relatively cheap, easy, and efficient, and can reach all of life ranging from the young to the old. “This movement is common, but the effectiveness of this program is predicted reach up to 90 percent to promote Indonesian tourism,” he said.

To fly into winner stage, Tangkuban Team must go through the stages which is quite intense. The team managed to pass several stages of the challenge that is essay collection phase, the preliminary essay, essay presentation, the elimination for eight final form of debate, until the semifinals. Unfortunately, Tangkuban team lose after faced President University in the semi-final stage, but still able to get a chance to 3rd place. (Purel / EAD)

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