05 Oct 2015

“Seminar & Conference on Business & Technology in ICT Industry 2015” (SCBTII 2015)

The goals and objectives of the seminar have been defined as follows:

Building more mindshare about Telkom University as ICT focused university
The main objectives of this activity is to exchange ideas and share experiences in ICT Industry at all levels with international academicians and best practitioners, to share understanding on the future global ICT Industry, to build the network that can help participants to facilitate the searching of qualified academic personal and best international experts, and to explore in more depth the role of ICT Industry in supporting Smart Economy locally, nationally and Internationally. Attendees of event are startups, entrepreneurs, students, corporate representatives, developers and investors.

Helping hiring of Telkom University’s students within the ICT industry
The event will invite selected startups to educate the students about their businesses and job opportunities they have. Having this hiring section within the conference will help Telkom University to gain mindshare as supportive to startups scene and at the same time, also help Telkom University’s students to get employed in startups industry.

Startup Company :

Berrykitchen. http://berrykitchen.com/
HaloDiana. https://www.halodiana.com
Talenta. https://talenta.co/
Bukalapak. https://www.bukalapak.com
Rupawa. rupawa.com
Malesbanget (MBDC Media). malesbanget.com
Labconx. www.labconx.net
Spacehype. spacehype.co
Bigalia. bigalia.com
Jurnal. www.jurnal.id
Bornevia. https://www.bornevia.com
Kudo. www.kudo.co.id
Bilna. http://www.bilna.com/
Kerjadulu. www.kerjadulu.com/
Gopher. http://id.gopher.co.id/

Location : Puri Ratna Ballroom, Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel. Jakarta.

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