12 Dec 2013

SENADA-IF 2013 Discusses Solutions as Impacts of Much Larger Amount of Digital Data

BANDUNG TEL-U- The development of technology have made much data saved digitally. Recently, data has many variants such as data of demography, marketing, finance, and health. Much more data existed can be utilized to get strategic information and valuable knowledge for its owner.  However, because of limitation of human being’s ability to process, analyze and extract the information and knowledge, we need method and technology that is able to give solutions concisely and accurately. Here with this, the role of Data Mining and Big Data Analysis can be used.

  Seminar Nasional Data Engineering Informatika (SENADA-IF) was a national seminar on the field of data research held by Informatics Department at Tel-U Engineering Faculty . This seminar aimed to support research of students and lecturers of computation or informatics study program in the field of engineering.

  In the first realization, SENADA-IF 2013 discussed data trend of engineering in Indonesia and in the world about its implementation and opportunity of the development in order that it can be one of activities that is able to improve society’s knowledge about data mining and big data analysis. To discuss this topic wholly, SENADA-IF 2013 presented an expert of data mining and big data analysis either from academic setting or industrial practitioner.

  This SENADA-IF 2013 was opened by Plenary Session brought by Prof. Ir. Budi Santoso, MS., Ph.D. (Profesor of Optimation and Data Mining, Institute of Technology of Sepuluh Nopember Surabaya) and UmarFudin, ST. (Head of Predictive Analysis Department of Telkomsel). After taking Jum’atan, the agenda of SENADA-IF 2013 was continued by opening two sesions of demonstrations from Prety Widjaya (Business Analytics Speciality Architect, IBM software Group) and Alfian Akbar Gozali,  ST. (Academician and Practioner of Big Machine Learning). KOMPRO TEL-U/TES

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