09 Mar 2017

Shaping The Youth Character, Telkom University Hand in Hand with Pemuda Hijrah

Bandung, Telkom University – Al-Fath Telkom University in collaboration with the Youth movement Hijrah (Gerakan Pemuda HIjrah) on Wednesday (08.03.17) organized monthly kajian (islamic discussion, red) in Syamsul Ulum Mosque Telkom University. This event discuss the terms Lebay or Overrated, not less than 13 LDKs (da’wah organization) in Bandung came to enliven the proud Mosque of Telkom University.

Ust. Tengku Hanan Attaki, potential young da’i (presearcher, red) alumni of Al-Azhar University, Egypt explained that, lebay (exaggerated) in the Qur’an referred to the phrase “Tukallaf” it is very dangerous for the mental development of young generation.

“Therefore, educated muslim obliged to train yourself to frequent muhasabah (reflection in the guidance of Islamic law). Restore the Allah’s taqdir on the belief that everything rests on the compassion by khaliq that needs to be understood, treated according to the rules as well as the guidance of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, “he said.

Vice Rector IV Telkom University, Dr. M. Yahya Arwiyah, SH., MH, on occasion, requested that existing LDK community can be utilizied in hunting pleasure of Allah SWT.

“Be aware that the younger generation is better, which has a character of excellence, will be sturdy joints that stand upright and the straight path of our nation Indonesia. Shield themselves from the danger of communism and other ideologies that are not in accordance with Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution, “said the person in charge of coaching the Telkom University student character.

The event which began at 06:15 pm was attended by no less than 3500 students, too, is part of a periodic activity LDK Al-Fath Telkom University, finishing with nuances of ukhuwah Islamiyah silaturrahim which ended at 09:25 pm.

Adnan Abdullah

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