15 May 2020

Social Innovation

BANDUNG, Telkom University – The School of Economics and Business Telkom University is holding a 100 Day Donation Program for Indonesia. The program is a short online training with popular management topics. All registration fees from participants will be donated to help meet community needs during Covid-19.

This program is held online through the Zoom application on Thursday (5/14) and presents speaker Siska Noviaristanti, Ph.D. with the theme of Social Innovation. This program is open to the public with 59 participants.

In today’s short online training, Siska Noviaristanti explained about the difference between Social Enterprise and Social Innovation. At Social Enterprise, we can see and build opportunities to develop socially-minded companies. Social spirit means business not only for profit but also for the developing community.

“Social Innovation is not only about entrepreneurship, but social innovation is also an innovation system. The innovation system includes who the actors are, and what is the value of the actor. That’s called social innovation, “She said.

Siska Noviaristanti also added about the characteristics as a criterion for the movement included in social innovation. There are six criteria, namely recognition of a social problem, collaboration with stakeholders, development of social business, and expansion of market interests, changes in social relationships & systems, and diffusion of social values.

“Well, here the players in social innovation can be started from an entrepreneur who really cares about his environment and then tries to change a problem in his environment. It can also start from the policymaker or the government that directly plunges into the community. It could also be from someone who cares, a social innovator can be an evaluator related to a system. Volunteers are also included as players in social innovation. ”

Siska Noviaristanti also explained design thinking. Siska highlights several things in design thinking. Design thinking needs to be well directed to get a solution. The solution expected from design thinking must be of economic value, supported by technology, and able to answer social challenges.

Some things we can do in social innovation are to realize the existence of social problems and intend to become a part of the solution. We also have to look at capabilities, such as knowledge, networks, and resources. We need to collaborate with institutions that are interested as partners in fostering social innovation. In collaboration, we must look for new products or services to the community as an innovation system. The innovations that we do must also be under government programs related to social issues

“We as an educational institution, our university base have a strong foundation as a first step to developing social innovation, through PPM or research groups,” She said.

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